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A communications, content, and branding studio, we craft bespoke brand stories and tailor unique identities.

Our Design Process

  1. Discover

    This phase involves heavy and extensive research, including in-depth interviews conducted with the client and relevant parties.

  2. Distill

    At this stage, we filter the information collected, and garner relevant insights.

  3. Ideate

    Here, the information that was garnered and distilled is expanded upon with ideas.

  4. Draft

    Based on the ideas generated, a creative brief is now drafted for the client, with multiple options provided.

  5. Craft

    Here, the execution of the proposal occurs. Along the way, the client is informed of the progress, with changes and alterations shared and discussed.

  6. Measure & Refine

    Like any good seamstress or tailor, fine tuning is always done to ensure that the fit is right, ensuring the best result for the client.

Our Services

Like all good suit makers, we understand our clients’ background and ascertain their needs before embarking on creation.

In general, our services include:

  1. Content Creation

    In a time where information is plentiful and everyone is empowered to create, the relevancy of content is challenged.

    We focus on content marketing, both physical and digital. From on-the-ground and digital campaigns, to social media content and management, we adopt different approaches to tell our client’s story.

    Besides communicating a unique story that stays true to the brand, our key considerations are filling the gaps of the marketplace and understanding shifting wants and needs.

  2. Public Relations & Events

    An integral part of any brand, public relations enables our messages to be communicated across different platforms to reach our target audiences. We hope to bridge the gap between traditional and new media.

    We believe in relationships that are genuine, sincere and open, built over time and trust.

    We also organise and host events, some of which include fashion previews, exhibition launches, food tastings, and workshops.

  3. Branding & Communications

    We believe in crafting unique identities that stay true to a brand’s values and resonate with people.

    Empathy is at the heart of our approach.

    Some of our services include creating brand stories, marketing campaigns, language and tone for copy, logos, collaterals, and websites.

  4. Video

    A compelling and effective medium that is now ubiquitous with our lives, we believe in the power of video to inform, inspire and influence.

    From documentary-style videos, to campaigns and short films, videos are crafted to suit the specific needs of our clients.

Selected Work


    With roots in Japan dating back to the 1800s, Chikuyotei provides the best of Japanese tradition and heritage, matched by quality produce and delicately balanced flavours.

  • LAANK:

    By creating diverse, innovative, and exciting environments, LAANK aims to redefine the way that people live in and interact with different spaces.


    Kilo Lounge is whatever you want to make of it, and for many people, it is home; a place where people can escape from everyday life.


    UNIFORM invited and hosted members from the media on 6th June 2017 at the National Gallery Singapore, Gallery & Co. for the preview of the latter’s extensive range of merchandise alongside a Kusama-inspired menu.


    Freedom Yoga is an oasis in the middle of the Central Business District, providing respite from the busyness of working life. Created as a home away from home, Freedom Yoga is a place and community that encourages authenticity and inclusiveness.


    We all know who they are—that special breed of people who seem to be able to do it all, and who excel at all they do. These are the people who embody the qualities of: unconstrained, undefinable, and untaggable.

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