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    June 15, 2016

    In the age where social media response holds such importance, it is no surprise that only foods that look ‘Instagram-able’ deserve a spot on our feeds. Think, on the one hand, brightly coloured berries nestling amidst a thick slather of cream cheese on toast; or the ubiquitous poached egg oozing luscious thick yolk. But appearance […]


    June 1, 2016

    Captured by photographer Christine Osinski in the 1980s, these images detail the portraits of the people of a summer at Staten Island. Released amidst the digital age, the photos are an intimate glance into the past, and an intriguing insight into 80s culture and fashion. Rather than focusing on the renowned, glossy New York skyscrapers […]

  • SELF

    May 11, 2016

    Where the world today is characterised by movement and flux, one artist stops to question what that does to our identity. Barcelona-based photographer Laia Gutiérrez conceptualised this series of photographs exploring the pervasive motifs of identity, migration and isolation. Titled ‘Zugunruhe’, her images of isolated landscapes hopes to evoke introspection, forcing us to explore our […]

  • DUST

    April 28, 2016

    In this set of haunting and powerful images, photographer Nick Brandt explores the destruction of the wild in East Africa, where animals such as rhinos, lions and giraffes used to roam. Brandt used life-size prints of different African animals and transferred them onto giant panels, before matching up the horizon lines of the print and […]


    April 27, 2016

    In an industry of prevailing luxury-good norms and commercial pillaging, newcomer Vetements has amassed an unexpected following for their outré creations and eccentricity — think tablecloth-turned-dress and mannish oversized tailoring. The audacious brainchild of brothers Demna and Guram Gvasalia is by no means an impetuous attempt: previously of Maison Martin Margiela, Demna mastered the rules […]


    March 1, 2016

    “I think about what will change human sensibility in the future.” Kyoto-based artist, Kohei Nawa believes in creating an experience rather than making sculptures; to realize his vision, Nawa’s ‘Foam’ exhibition consists of a breathtaking, large-scale installation of immersive cloud-like foam using a mixture of detergent, glycerin and water. At once dreamlike, ephemeral, and ever-changing, the exhibition is not […]